Ginkgo Labyrinth

Trees for the future

Ginkgo Labyrinth is a unique ecological project aimed at uniting people to promote environmental friendliness, reforestation and conservation of wild forests, relict and endangered plants.

The Labyrinth Park in the shape of endless knot’ symbol is to host 10.000 Ginkgo biloba trees. The Park will be symbolic of our collective endeavour towards life in harmony with our habitat and its rich and diverse ecosystem.

We organise training and educational events in schools, city libraries and at online conferences to raise public awareness of the threat the forests are currently facing.

Ginkgo biloba trees colonised our land over 250 million years ago, which makes them resistant, sustainable and valuable species for our forests able to save them from potential extinction. To these ends, in our nursery we grow Ginkgo seedlings with a view to distribute them far and wide.

We are the people united for this ecological, social, educational Ginkgo Labyrinth project, including partners, like-minded individuals and volunteers. 

You are welcome to join us! It is our joint and united effort that will change the world.

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Пока корона бушует новые ginkgo biloba должны расти.

В связи с пандемией коронавируса мы организовали возможность доставки саженцев гинкго билоба в подарочной упаковке прямо к вам домой и на рабочий адрес. Оставили, так-же, возможность забрать ростки самостоятельно. Подробно тут…

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Мы объявляем сразу два эко-челленджа в поддержку Дня Земли 2020.

Принимайте вызовы, чтобы вокруг нас стало как можно больше деревьев!

Теперь помогать природе легко – дарите конверты с гинкго-сертификатом всегда и всем. Получите по нему росток когда вам удобно и посадите новое дерево любви, или доверьте нам посадить его от вашего имени в парк-лабиринт.

Участвуйте в посадке деревьев и получайте почтой подарочный сертификат на адрес в Беларуси!

Это быстро и оформить просто.



The choice for our nursery was the relict tree that survived from the Mesozoic Era into our times dating back 250 million years. Gingkos managed to outlive ancient dinosaurs that feed on their fruits. Ginkgo’s unique properties is what we assume to be project’s many prospects.




Ginkgo Labyrinth Park has the ‘endless knot’ shape – one of the most important traditional auspicious symbols in Ancient Egypt and Tibet. The endless knot (Sanskrit: śrīvatsa) is symbolic of the interaction of all the events and creatures in the Universe. Thus, the Park will grow into an extraordinary sight drawing visitors because of its unique trees and outstanding shape.




Ginkgo Labyrinth is to thrive surrounded by lakes and forests in a breath-taking location near Belaya Tserkov’ (White Church) village. The village was named after the church built by Lew Sapieha in 1650 that is a landmark architectural and historic monument in Belarus. 


How to grow ginkgo from seeds and seedlings?


In our drive to help nature right now and long-term we envisioned Ginkgo Labyrinth to be symbolic of the energised conservation movement in Belarus, determination to reforest and preserve wild and relict forests, compassion for all living beings on Earth as wild nature is their only home and source of life.


Why it is necessary to increase biodiversity in Belarus… read more



People are being united under the roof of this project not by chance, but mainly by virtue of friendly interaction in the spirit of trust and commitment. Every one of us is an expert in his field and does the utmost to develop this concept out of pure altruism. There ain’t no strangers, we are united by a common cause that determines a whole new lifestyle within the project. We all have part in the Labyrinth.


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People ready to support the project in any useful way. You are mostly welcome!

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Authorised project representatives that actively disseminate information on the project encouraging others to join.

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Entities and individuals that are long-standing business partners and ardent advocates of the project.

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Without these investors the project would develop slowly and deficiently. Tangible assistance is valued higher than spoken words and is the best way to reaffirm one’s commitment to our endeavour resulting in real impact on the road to its implementation.

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