Volunteering for Ginkgo Labyrinth is a fun way to express yourself and your love to nature in various ways.


By becoming a volunteer in the project you can:


1. Get ginkgo seeds/seedlings or even your own tree in the labyrinth.
2. Live on our premises and be part of our lifestyle.
3. Meet new interesting, like-minded people.
5. Get to know how to care for relic trees.
7. Become more ecologically savvy.
8. Relax from hustle and bustle of the city.


Main activities:


Ground works, planting and watering trees, watering. Helping out with volunteers.

Fun activities: movies, teatime, sitting near the fire, games, reading, promenades.


Rules of our premises:


1. Eating meat, consuming alcohol and drugs, disrespecting others and aggressive behaviour is strictly prohibited.

2. We offer 10 beds in a house, camping spot, outdoor facilities (shower) and sauna, free food, free kitchen, work instruments.

3. Please take your passport, working clothes and shoes with you. Optionally you can take a sleeping bag.


Please contact us in Telegram https://t.me/ginkgochat
Please send us your request beforehand by filling in the form at the end of the page!
Please plan your visit and inform us about your plans in the form or in our chat. https://t.me/ginkgochat


Looking forward to see you in Belarus!

Everyone is welcome!