We invite those who are interested in the development of our ecological social startup to become our sponsors and help us financially. Thus you will conribute in the growth of the Ginkgo Labyrinth. In return we offer to place your logotype on our website, mention you on the sponsors’ page and in media (both social networks and during media events)


Also you can buy a particular tree in our labyrinth that will bear your name/any chosen name. Each tree will have a separate page with information about the sponsor and photos of the tree. We will place an eco-friendly marker on the tree with the name and QR-code. If you are interested in this option, please contact us

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Please send a request to become a sponsore or if you want a special tree bearing your name in the Ginkgo Labyrinth.

    This tree was planted by the most powerful Chinese Emperor Lee Shemin 1400 years ago. This tree is a poignant reminder of this person.

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