Ginkgo Biloba

For our nursery we chose a relict that survived since Mezozoic era to nowadays. Even though dinosaurs used to feed on ginkgo nuts, the trees appeared to be more viable than reptiles. Unique qualities of these trees are a prerequisite to our bright ecological future.


Ginkgo biloba is one of the most ancient trees on our planet. This dinosaur age-mate developed a marvellous sustainability and became resistant to parasites, climate changes, severe weather conditions including radiation. Ginkgo trees influence in a positive way on flora, they can enrich and preserve local ecosystem and are favourable for fauna and humans.


Ginkgo nuts have high germination index, are edible and have wide medicinal property. Ginkgo is the only tree survived after Hiroshima bombing, becoming a place of interest and natural monument there. Documents say that ginkgo trees can live more that 5000 years. That’s why on the East ginkgo became a symbol of longevity and a symbol of the very life. As you can see there are a lot of arguments to grow these trees and we attach a lot of importance to cultivating this tree in Belarus and around the world.


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