Ginkgo Biloba

The choice for our nursery was the relict tree that survived from the Mesozoic Era into our times. Gingko biloba managed to outlive even such huge reptiles as ancient dinosaurs that fed on its fruits. Ginkgo’s unique properties is what we assume to be the bright future of our ecology.


Ginkgo biloba is the most ancient tree on the planet. Having existed for millions of years this dinosaurs coeval pushed its survival abilities to the extent that it became highly resistant to pathogens, climate change, harsh weather conditions and even radiation. Ginkgo biloba trees have developed essential properties for a positive impact on the flora, they can diversify and protect local ecosystems being at the same time of great value to the fauna and people.


Ginkgo seeds have high germination rates, the fruits are edible and have been widely used in medicine along with the leaves. Ginkgo is the only tree that had survived through the bombing of Hiroshima and became a natural monument there. According to published sources, some Ginkgo species may live up to 5,000 years. Eastern nations call it a ‘silver fruit’, or a ‘silver apricot’, meaning that Ginkgos symbolise longevity and life itself. As you see, there are numerous compelling argument in favour of our relic, which makes us believe that this very tree should be cultivated throughout Belarus and the globe.


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